Endless Bummer     Santa’s Drinking Buddy
National Lampoon / S. Pillsbury
Sponge Bob Squarepants     Salty the Pirate
Nickelodeon / M. Osborne
Bad Santa     A.A. Member
Dimension Films / T. Zwigoff
Pirates of the Caribbean     Scarus
Disney / G. Verbinski
Road To Perdition     O’Neil Jr.
DreamWorks / S. Mendes
Showtime     Featured
Paramount / T. Dey
A.I.     Featured
DreamWorks / S. Spielberg
Perfect Storm     Featured
Warner Bros. / W. Peterson
Magnolia     Featured
New Line / P.T. Anderson


The Gunrunner Billy Kane     King
Vimeo / M. Selig
Scrubs     Hospital Patient
Touchstone / M. Diamond
Popular     Metal Shop Teacher
Touchstone / C. Zisk
The Tick     Slim Jim
Fox / B. Damast
X-Files     Various Roles
Fox / K. Manners
Suddenly Susan     Various Roles
WB / S. Jensen
Angel     Featured
WB / B. Sethgreen
Buffy     Featured
WB / D. Attias
Charmed     Featured
WB / J. Bearing
Roswell     Featured
WB / P. Shapiro

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